• In Nepal around 60% of total child injury happens in home
    In Nepal around 60% of total child injury happens in home

    Injury Due to fall is the major reason for children injury accross all age group. Have you childproofed your home for your child safety? Simple solutions helps to reduce the risk of injury at home.

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  • Baby Immunization Schedule : National Immunization Program
    Baby Immunization Schedule : National Immunization Program

    Immunisation is the only effective way to protect your child against many harmful diseases. Make sure your child is immunized on schedule. Get complete list of vaccines provided by Government of Nepal.

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  • Understanding Your Shy Child
    Understanding Your Shy Child

    Shyness is often misunderstood and it is not necessarily a negative attribute.  All your child needs to do is develop certain social skills as early as possible.

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  • First Aid Tips
    First Aid Tips

    It's practically impossible to parent a child from infancy through adolescence without a few situations — minor or major — that need medical attention at home or by a health care professional.

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Parenthood – A new Journey

Parenthood – A new Journey

Becoming a parent may be the most challenging thing you will ever experience and also most amazing. We often embark on this new journey with great hopes and expectations. Having a child will give you another reason to spread love and a sense of completeness. It will no doubt provide you the wildest range of amazement and joy.

Sometimes, however, the path into parenthood can surprise you. It can feel like you are on a winding road of emotions ranging from satisfaction and joy to some not-so pleasant feelings like anxiety and frustration.

And in our country, we are witnessing increasing trends of nuclear parents (single family) especially in urban areas for various reasons...

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Meet Our Expert

Dr. Anil Kumar Shrestha Pediatrician, Kanti Children Hospital
Dr. Deepti Shrestha Dwa Gynecologist - Paropkar Maternity And Women's Hospital
Dr. Roshma Gurung Pediatrician - Kanti Children Hospital
Sharada Adhikari Principal - Kidzee Pre-School, Tahachal
Dr. Anu Maharjan Pediatrician - Kanti Children Hospital
Dr. Needa Shrestha Pediatrician - Paropakar maternity and women's hospital
Parajeeta Dikshit Pediatric Dentist, Kantipur Dental College

Safety Tips

Children 0-4 years generally, but practically children 1-2 Years of age, are vulnerable to injuries as they begin to explore their environment, but are unable to recognize danger, or takes action to keep themselves safe. Nearly 60% (world wide and 56% in Nepal) of the injuries occur in home and backyard. Young children are vulnerable in home because home are designed for adults. Height, space, and structure are built for adult need and comfort, but these often present hazards to the children. But you can take some steps to make your home safer place for your childern.


Training and Learning

  • Give older children training in safety. Teach them about the dangers around the home and show them how to deal with these correctly.
  • Be realistic about what work young teenagers can safely do. Train them carefully and supervise their work. Make sure they wear protective clothing, eye and ear protection where needed.
  • Always praise sensible behaviour whenever you encounter in-front of your children.

Kitchen Safety Tips

  • If your child suffers a burn or scald, cool immediately under cool running water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Ensure your children always sit down to eat to prevent from choking and suffocation from food.
  • Keep all the dangerous and utentils like knife, forks and scissors in a locked drawer or at a higher place that is out of reach from children.
  • Keep hot utensils (after cooking) away from the reach of the children.
  • Hot water is the major cause for the child scalds. Remember that a hot water can scald upto 30 minutes after boiled. So take action accordingly.



Bathroom Safety

  • Store medicines, chemical products like detergent cake, powder, shampoos, bleaches in a locked cupboard preferably 1.5m above the ground or high where the children cannot reach.
  • Common potentially poisonous items include: Medicines - over the counter, cleaning products, washing powder, detergent cakes, fertilizers, pesticides, bleaches and cosmetics items.
  • Place anti slip stickers in the bathroom to prevent slip and fall. Slip and fall is considered among the potential fatal child injury risk.
  • Never leave your children alone near water. Children are automatically attracted towards water as playfullness attitude. So without your watchful eye, accidents may occur.
  • Prevent kids from opening the toilet cover and reach its water. The danger of child falling into toilet increases when the child bends and tries to reach the water. This has increased the drowning incident in major urban cities. Also add that they throw electronics items like phone, tablet causing permanent damage. So it is advisable to use toilet lock in your toilet when you have kids.
  • Always remember that electricity, water and children are a dangerous mix. So try to keep these apart as much as possible.

General Safety

  • Use rug grips (carpets) to avoid slipping and trip hazards from slippery floor and polished floor.
  • Ensure windows cannot be opened more than 9-10cm, except by an adult to prevent accident falling from windows.
  • Keep objects and furniture that children can use to stand or climb on away from balconies and windows.
  • Store medicines, chemical products in a locked cupboard preferably 1.5m above the ground or high where the children cannot reach.
  • Get rid of unnecessary and unused medicines.
  • Clearly label all the medicines, cleaners and chemicals in their original containers.
  • Never drink hot drinks with a child in a lap.
  • Hide the unused socket with tape to prevent children inserting their finger into these sockets and get electric shock. Better use electric socket cover.
  • Make sure that your child’s play equipment is stable, has no sharp edges, or pieces that can come loose.
  • Insist that children always use safety gear like helmets for cycles and bike.
  • Remove or replace sharp edge furniture, wherever possible. If not then cushion the corner of the tables using clothes or corner protector. Better safe than sorry.
  • One of the serious child occurs due to the door slamming at the child fingers. Make sure that your door doesnot slam. Use house hold solutions or Door stopper.
  • Make sure that your furniture doesnot slide. If it happens then the object at the top of the furniture may fall upon your child.
  • Fix your cabinet drawer to the wall. Recently, Ikea - an international furniture brand, has recalled its drawer after six children died when the furniture fell upon the child. Its very dangerous. The same with T.V. If possible mount your TV on the wall. If not then use strap and fix the TV on the wall.
  • Hide your unused electric plug to prevent children inserting their finger in it. You can use paper and tape so that you can reuse. Plug protectors are preferred. 

Burns and Fire Safety

  • Dress children in low fire risk clothing that is close fitting and made of less flammable material. Be aware that cotton is highly flammable. Check nightwear for low fire risk labels.
  • Develop a home fire escape plan with your family and kids. Practice this plan to ensure all family members know what to do and where to go in case of such disaster.
  • Teach children to “Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll” if their clothes catch fire and “Get down Low and Go” in case of a house fire.
  • If your child suffers a burn or scald, cool immediately under cool running water for at least 20 minutes.
  • In case of burn, keep the child warm with a clean blanket, and seek medical advice. Never use ice, oil, butter, soy sauce or ointments. These can damage the skin further.


Cartoon of the week

Caring for your newborn is full of emotion. Here we'll give you tips on how to survive the first week and beyond as you settle into Motherhood.


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Whats in my bag?

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Have you ever spelled your kid name incorrect......

Have you ever spelled your kid name incorrectly, especially fathers!!!!

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Before child sleep: I will do this, do that 

After child sleep: zzz .... zzz

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