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National Immunization Program of Nepal

Child health program of Nepal includes Immunization, Nutrition, CBIMCI and Newborn Care. National Immunization Program (NIP) is the priority program of Department of Health Services, MoHP, Nepal and is considered successful public health intervention of Nepal. Currently eleven antigens are provided through the routine immunization under National Immunization Program of Nepal. There should be at least seven contacts of children (at birth, 6, 10, 14 weeks, 9, 12 and 15 months) to health center to fully immunize as per NIP of Nepal.

Why immunize?

Immunisation is the only effective way to protect your child against many harmful diseases. It means your child will be far less likely to catch the disease if exposed to it. Immunisation is also important to help eradicate the disease. If enough people are immunized, then infection will no longer be spread in the community, and the disease dies out.

If concerned discuss benefits/risks of immunisation with your doctor.

What are the side effects of immunisation?

Common side effects of immunisation:

  • Low grade fever. 
  • Being grizzly, unsettled and generally unhappy.
  • Soreness, swelling and redness in the area where the injection was given. 
  • Drowsiness or tiredness. 
  • Muscle aches. 
  • Loss of appetite.

Serious side effects are rare, but may include life-threatening allergic reaction or seizure. If you are worried about your baby’s health following immunisation, contact your doctor immediately.

What to do:

  • Give extra fluids to drink. 
  • Do not overdress your baby if hot.

The routine use of paracetamol before or at the time of immunisation is no longer recommended, due to the use of better vaccines with fewer side effects. However, speak with your doctor, pharmacist or nurse regarding the use of paracetamol if you are concerned about immunisation side effects like pain and fever.


Source: National Immunization Program and Expanded Program on Immunization, DoHS, MoHS